Today, all the value sits in the hands of big game publishers at the expense of users. Ember Sword has broad appeal and uses emerging technology to put value back in the hands of creatives and gamers alike. Plus, it's just a downright cool game that people are going to love.
Charlie Waldburger
ICO Marketer and Technology Writer
Having worked with the Ember Sword developers, I'm certain they will succeed in this unprecedented mission of giving back ownership, control, and gameplay to the players!
David Catuhe
Technical Leader at Microsoft & Creator of Babylon.js
NFTs are the future of tokenized assets. Ember Sword is utilizing non-fungible tokens with a simple yet brilliant approach to create a fun blockchain-based game that is easy to get onboard!
Dan Kelly
Founder of
An unprecedented monetisation concept that is about to brush up the MMO world online and on mobile and a potential milestone for the industry as a whole.
Julian Werner
Director of Marketing, Bytro Labs
A highly skilled team of innovative and creative individuals determined to combine today's newest technologies to disrupt the online gaming industry.
Mike Tromba
Creator of
I believe that Ember Sword is a very interesting project and a unique case of applying blockchain in the MMORPG game.
Michal Frazcek
Co-founder of Adinplay
This is the MMO of the future, think Runescape meets Albion Online, sprinkled with a player driven economy and the opportunity to profit off your character's progression!
Joshua Castle
Founder & CEO at Streamers Connected
Having worked closely with the developers of Ember Sword at GHD, I'm happy to give them my warmest recommendations - as developers of business, as well as games. They're hard working, passionate about what they set out to do, ambitious and skilled.
Mikkel Fledelius Jensen
Managing director, Game Hub Denmark