Blockchain MMORPG

Ember Sword is a free to play, modern, and truly player-driven Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game with a real economy powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

Players acquire tokenized cosmetics through gameplay, which they trade & sell for PIXEL Tokens, and those who invest in LAND to become Landowners evolve the world by placing resources, monsters, NPCs etc, (which all players can access) and can turn a profit by creating services and experiences, like vendor marketplaces where other players buy in-game subscriptions, access auctions, and more.

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Today, all the value sits in the hands of big game publishers at the expense of users. Ember Sword has broad appeal and uses emerging technology to put value back in the hands of creatives and gamers alike. Plus, it's just a downright cool game that people are going to love.
Charlie Waldburger
ICO Marketer and Technology Writer
Having worked with the Ember Sword developers, I'm certain they will succeed in this unprecedented mission of giving back ownership, control, and gameplay to the players!
David Catuhe
Technical Leader at Microsoft & Creator of Babylon.js
NFTs are the future of tokenized assets. Ember Sword is utilizing non-fungible tokens with a simple yet brilliant approach to create a fun blockchain-based game that is easy to get onboard!
Dan Kelly
Founder of
An unprecedented monetisation concept that is about to brush up the MMO world online and on mobile and a potential milestone for the industry as a whole.
Julian Werner
Director of Marketing, Bytro Labs
A highly skilled team of innovative and creative individuals determined to combine today's newest technologies to disrupt the online gaming industry.
Mike Tromba
Creator of
I believe that Ember Sword is a very interesting project and a unique case of applying blockchain in the MMORPG game.
Michal Frazcek
Co-founder of Adinplay
This is the MMO of the future, think Runescape meets Albion Online, sprinkled with a player driven economy and the opportunity to profit off your character's progression!
Joshua Castle
Founder & CEO at Streamers Connected
Having worked closely with the developers of Ember Sword at GHD, I'm happy to give them my warmest recommendations - as developers of business, as well as games. They're hard working, passionate about what they set out to do, ambitious and skilled.
Mikkel Fledelius Jensen
Managing director, Game Hub Denmark

What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is a vast MMORPG universe owned by its users.

Whether you're a peaceful forager of goods and rares making a name for yourself or a fierce warrior of no alignment, there is a place for you here - a place where peace and war is chosen by the players themselves. A place built by you.

Purchase land through the Ethereum Blockchain to build & monetize experiences and services other players interact with.

Creators submit models, skins, and emotes as in-game crypto collectibles, and earn a PIXEL fee on every trade.

Monetize land & trade non-fungible crypto collectible cosmetics by participating in the $50 billion virtual goods economy.

Gain scarce tokenized cosmetics through gameplay instead of from lootboxes, and sell them to others for a PIXEL profit.

Accessible through a browser or game client, Ember Sword is a persistent & social universe molded by the players.

The Ember Sword Universe

Ember Sword brings artists, players, and builders together to create a vast, persistent, MMORPG universe where the community permanently own and decide the fate of the world and experiences within.

It's a living, breathing world where landowners build & evolve the universe and monetize their own plots of land, where players are free to do whatever they want whenever they want and truly own their own cosmetic items, and where artists can monetize their own creations by making epic emotes, animations, skins and more. Ultimately, Ember Sword is more than just a game, it’s a community, a world, an economy.



The Modern Tokenized MMORPG

Learn more about Ember Sword, the Private Pre-Sale, and Public Crowdsale.






Join the Ember Sword PIXEL Token Private Pre-sale



Mark is a serial entrepreneur who began making games in his childhood on a Texas Instruments 99/4A and Commodore 64. He's been involved in eSports, as both athlete and founder, having co-founded major successful teams. He has since built and helped build several start-ups from the ground up. Latest he co-founded PlayOn, the Danish studio behind



Sage is an award-winning digital artist and game designer with artwork published in several articles around the globe. Having started his career working on Guild Wars, he has since been an integral part of dozens of successful projects. His skillset reaches virtually every facet of digital art – making him the perfect fit to lead Ember Sword’s creative department.

Joris Huijbregts

Chief Technical Officer

Joris is a programmer and server-side infrastructure architect with 10 years of programming experience, starting his career by building his first MMO side project when he was just 16 years old. Later, he founded Devdog, a company focused on creating and publishing advanced tools for the Unity game engine, with thousands of developers using the company’s tools.



Sune if a business developer and marketer with a wealth of experience in the games and tech industry. As the founder of industry news media NordicGameBits he interviewed hundreds of game developers before co-founding Devdog, a leading publisher of advanced tools for the Unity game engine and an Asset Store Advisory Board member, with thousands of gamedevs using their tools.

Loren Roosendaal

Executive Producer

Loren is a serial entrepreneur who started developing games at the age of 11. Starting in the modding scene, millions of people played something he worked on before he left high school. He worked on several MMO's including Neocron and Kaos War, which he co-founded and took from a team of 3 to 45 in 6 months. Since then he has founded multiple tech companies, helped them raise millions of dollars.


Art Producer

Victor is the founder and CEO of Edgeflow, a succesful startup that produces art for outsourcing and game development studios. Coming from a background in game modding, games has always been Victors passion. He's an expert producer, and dedicated project lead, with an efficient and methodical work ethic he acquired while studying for his Masters Degree in Architecture.

Lars Henriksen

Strategy & Business

A successful serial entrepreneur, Lars is the founder of Apex and an Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics company that helps with predictive behavior. Lars has worked with blue chip conglomerates and multinational companies including Maersk, Dong Energy, Siemens, Falck, Danfoss, as well as Vermont and Duke University.

David Atkinson

Tokenomics & Economy

Running businesses and helping those who run them is David’s life. He is part of the leadership team of Holo & Holochain, focused on enabling the organisation to deliver and grow. In the crypto world, David is known for his understanding of the economic, strategic, and currency landscapes. David was previously the COO of Mind Gym, a behavioural change consultancy with a £250m market cap.



Jannick is a multitalented musician, composer and audio engineer who have been composing music for 10 years, working with both the film and games industry for 6 years. His expertise lies in composing scores for film trailers and soundtracks for games that create a true emotional connection with the player.

Samuel Horton


Samuel Horton is an American screenwriter. Born and raised in Alaska, he graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.S. in Virtual Technology & Design. After signing with Dramatic Artists Agency (DAA), his screenplays were among the most pursued works featured at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.


Sören Lass

Game & Marketing

Former Ubisoft Marketing Director and International Brand Manager credited on titles such as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Sören now uses his 20 years of games industry experience to work with games developers, publishers, and investors as a Business Development Consultant.

Bogdan Fiedur

Smart Contract & Crowdsale

Bogdan is a frequent speaker at high-profile blockchain events, co-Founder of bitJob, and President of With over 20 years of IT experience, he has acquired intimate knowledge of smart contract development and the inner-workings of Token Sales, from conception to execution.

Alexander H Reay

Blockchain & Security

Board director at IDACB (International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain), Ambassador of the Nordic Blockchain Association, President and founder of the Nordic IT Association, General of the BlueSwarm Army at the UDDN, 2x Nominated Deloitte entrepreneur of the year, and a recognized top 100 global authority on IoT & Strategic Management.

Charlie Waldburger

Finance & Communications

Charlie helps founders and executive leaders develop and apply content strategies for brand building and fundraising. He has spent more than a decade in corporate finance, investor relations and management consulting alongside Fortune 500 companies including JPMorgan-Chase, Microsoft and Ebay. Today he partners with startup leaders building blockchain and tech companies.

Joshua Castle

Influencer Relations

Joshua is a Business Development consultant with more than 4 years of experience in the Finance, IT, Tech and Telecommunications industries, with a further 2 years in the games industry. He's Co-Founder & CEO of Streamers Connected, a platform for influencers and content creators, which also does live production & content for events, has a Mentorship program and a Sponsorship Academy.

Peter G. Mikkelsen

Blockchain & Partnerships

Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen is the founder of the Nordic Blockchain Association and is a partner in the Blockchain Technologies Corporation, one of the world’s oldest blockchain development firms. He is an advisor to the Zap foundation and leads the blockchain departments of the Nordic IT Association and the Nordic Token Alliance.

Frequently asked questions

What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is a modern MMORPG powered by the Ethereum blockchain, built by So Couch Studios Players acquire tokenized cosmetics through gameplay, which they can trade & sell for PIXEL, and those who become Landowners permanently own part of the Ember Sword world. Landowners continuously evolve the world by placing resources like ores and wood used for crafting, monsters, NPCs etc, (which every player can access) and can even turn a profit by creating services, like vendor marketplaces where other players buy cosmetics from others, in-game subscriptions, and more.

How is Ember Sword different from other MMORPGs?

Ember Sword brings artists, players, and builders together to create a vast, persistent, MMORPG universe where the community permanently own and decide the fate of the world and the experiences within.

It's a living, breathing world where landowners build and evolve the universe and monetize their own plots of land, where players are free to do whatever they want whenever they want and truly own their own cosmetic items, and where artists can monetize their own creations by making epic emotes, animations, skins and more.

Ultimately, Ember Sword is more than just a game, it’s a community, a world, an economy.

How will So Couch Studios monetize Ember Sword?

To ensure a viable business, we monetize Ember Sword through selling an optional premium subscription to players, which unlocks non-pay2win convenience features in-game. Additionally, we earn a small fee on transactions of LAND and Crypto Collectibles on the Ember Sword Marketplace.

Large and institutional buyers can get access to the complete and confidential Ember Sword Business Plan, which includes additional insights into the monetization, by contacting Sune at

What is the purpose of the PIXEL Token?

The PIXEL Token is the ERC-20 token that powers the entire Ember Sword economy. Apart from being used to initially acquire LAND during the Ember Sword LAND Auction, players will need PIXEL to buy on-chain items, such as crypto collectible cosmetics and LAND from other players, and to complete other in-game purchases, such as buying a monthly premium membership. Additionally, PIXEL is also used to compensate creators through the Artist Workshop, and even useable as payment on some 3rd party websites.

What is different about the PIXEL Token Sale?

We have substance and a solid product that people will want to engage with backing the PIXEL economy. The Ember Sword game has already been prototyped, and the MMO genre have hundreds of millions of players worldwide, powering a $26 billion sub-genre of the games industry.

Will there be a private pre-sale?

Yes, the private pre-sale is just about to start, during which 15% of the total PIXEL Token supply will be sold. During the private pre-sale, PIXEL Tokens can be acquired for up to a 30% discount. If you want to participate, e-mail

How much are we selling and why?

The private pre-sale has a $500k soft-cap and the public token sale a $4m soft-cap, with a $9.5m hard cap. Game development is expensive, and the money raised will be used to hire a bigger core team to develop and market the Ember Sword game and platform, creating a powerful economy for PIXEL, Crypto Collectible Cards and LAND.

What do we want to accomplish with the distribution model?

Distributing PIXEL Tokens through a public token Crowdsale ensures that PIXELS get into the hands of as many players as possible, which will create a much more stable token and economy. That’s why we’re selling the majority of the Tokens to the public.

Where can I buy PIXEL Tokens?

You can only purchase PIXEL Tokens on the website during the Crowdsale event in 2020, and during the private pre-sale by reaching out to Stay safe and don’t believe anyone telling you that you can acquire PIXEL elsewhere!

After the Crowdsale, PIXEL will be tradeable on exchanges.

What currency do you accept during the Public Crowdsale?

We will accept USD, EURO, ETH as forms of payment during the Public Token Crowdsale for PIXEL.

Can I buy PIXEL using a VISA, MASTERCARD or other credit / debit card?

Yes, during Crowdsale in 2020.

What is the total PIXEL Token supply?

The PIXEL Token initial supply is 750,000,000 (750 million), read the whitepaper for further details.

Will there be an individual cap on the Public Crowdsale?

The Public Crowdsale will be first come first serve, with a cap on the total individual purchase volume.

What is our experience in the game industry?

The founders of So Couch Studios have a combined 40 years of industry experience working on indie games and commercial/AAA games such as Guild Wars, Aquanox, Kaos Wars, Blitzkrieg, and more. Our entire team is hand-picked from the games industry and cryptocurrency communities providing a unparalleled, trustworthy, and skillful international developer team.

Why use the blockchain for an MMORPG?

To bring control back to the players.

We firmly believe players should be allowed to do what they want with the items they’ve fought long and hard to acquire, and that they should be in charge of defining the game world as active participants. The traditional free to play MMORPG premium shops are also needlessly centralized systems where the developers make all the money from selling cosmetic items to players, whereas with Ember Sword, a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain distributes non-fungible, scarce, cosmetics to players when they complete PVP and PVE objectives, allowing players to freely trade, buy and sell these cosmetics to and from each other instead of buying them from the game developer.

These are just some of the many ways the blockchain enriches the gameplay experiences in Ember Sword.

When will I be able to buy LAND?

During our Ember Sword LAND Auction, which is scheduled for late 2020. Everyone who owns PIXEL will be able to participate in the auction. Afterwards, land can be traded between players.

What if all LAND is sold out, will there be more to buy?

If all LAND has been sold, you can acquire it from other users.